Baby Mason (chatham-kent ontario newborn photography)

Sweet Mason! Such a squishy guy.  How is it that baby boys always get the dreamy eyelashes!  No fair! But ohhhh so adorable.  I hear over and over from parents whether it be clients or just general conversations since i started this adventure that is newborn photography.

“I never got those sleeping newborn photos done of my babies (even though I wanted to) because I really didn’t believe that they would stay asleep for them”

 Well, let me tell you sometimes it isn’t an easy task.  Some babies no matter how diligently mom and dad follow my prep guide, are just ready for a party when they arrive at my studio!  Not a problem this is a great time to get some awake shots and style the session with parents while baby decides I really am quite boring and falls asleep. We are in no rush here!  A portion of my training is soothing.  SO I am prepared… but this isn’t magic! Wouldn’t every mom have loved to have a sprinkle of that magic if it were. How amazing we would all feel days after delivery if we could all just wave a wand and have our newborn magically sleep for a few hours!  Parents receive a lot of communication prior to the session to plan for the shoot, you are the foundation of a successful session. From how to get your baby sleepy to picking the items used in your images.  A combination of tricks of the trade, patience and preparation are the key!

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