Behind the Scenes…. Before and After (Chatham Kent Ontario Newborn Photographer)

SO much goes into each newborn session Before and After. From styling, shopping and ordering props and accessories, studying new posing techniques….. to warming up the studio and making a pot of tea for mom and dad to enjoy while the session takes place.  Its all the little details that make this experience a great one for everyone involved!  This is just a quick peak into what goes on after you leave your newborn session. The video shows a compressed version of me editing one newborn image of a baby with great skin from a recent session.  Galleries can contain anywhere from 25 – 100 images so you can imagine how long each session takes to lovingly edit.  Each image takes anywhere from 5 -10 minutes on an average to process. This one being about 7 min before I sped it up for your viewing pleasure!  Sometimes tricky composites and difficult skin retouching take even longer to process.  Even though sitting at a computer is a less then glamorous part of my job i never ever get tired of seeing a before and after! Enjoy 

Newborn edit


Lacey Eggert - Gorgeous work!! I love the demo!!

Jessica Vaughn - Love this Rebecca!

Amy Gilbert Adam Gilbert - Love the video! 🙂

Caress Lee Carpenter - You had a pretty great model.. Haha! Best newborn photographer in the land!

Anne Bartlett - Gorgeous! I enjoyed watching all the work you put into that precious babe!

Kristin Fischer Janiszewski - Love it!

Suni Johnson - love that you added a video as well! Very unique idea…and i totally dig your editing style!

Lorrie Miller Palmer - Was this done in Lightroom?

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