Hallowe’en Yes Please

It’s the MOST wonderful time….. of the year! .. Back to school? Christmas you say…Thanksgiving and pumpkin spice?! … Nope around here we say Hallowe’en YES PLEASE!  Family Hallowe’en costumes are my jam!

It’s definitely a family affair and fun time in our house. Last years costume will be hard to beat. The whole family participated this round (even the teenager .. GASP)  It took months of planning and secretly preparing.  Shopping, sewing, working my booty off night and day it seemed, but it was all wroth it in the end to see the smile on my littlest’s face when I made her dreams come true and she flew on a broomstick!

We brought our favourite movie to life and isn’t that the magic of childhood? The magic of parenting really.. To bring some fun and excitement to your children’s lives.  I’ll make them trick or treat with me until I can no longer keep up.. and who am I kidding I’ll probably find a costume that I can work with even when they have to push me in a wheelchair! This one is going to be hard to top and we are already in the planning stages for this year. Even though we have changed our mind a bunch of times.  What was your favourite ever hallowe’en costume ? I’ll post a few of our past costumes below along with this awesome photoshoot I dragged everyone out to, Even my SIS in law to snap what I couldn’t (Thank you Lynn xo) a few days before Hallowe’en so they had to dress up twice even!…. Full make up… MUAHHAHAHA (insert evil mom laugh)


“Oh look, another glorious morning. Makes me sick!” — Winifred Sanderson


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