Kelsey Loves Andrew (chatham-kent, london ontario wedding photographer)


First of all i apologize for the length of this blog post its gonna be for days i tell ya because there is just so much i want to share from this amazing day, because i love these amazing people!  I was honoured and super pumped when my cousin asked me to photograph her wedding! (and super nervous too)  These two are so adorable and have been together forever and deserved the best day and it turned out pretty amazing..  xoxo love you guys!

Fall Wedding

AKWed-2 AKWed-3 AKWed-5 AKWed-6 AKWed-7 AKWed-8 AKWed-11 AKWed-12 AKWed-13 AKWed-14 AKWed-15 AKWed-16 AKWed-18 AKWed-23 AKWed-30 AKWed-31 AKWed-32 AKWed-24 AKWed-27 AKWed-28 AKWed-34 AKWed-33 AKWed-35 AKWed-37 AKWed-38 AKWed-39 AKWed-41 AKWed-42 AKWed-43 AKWed-44 AKWed-45 AKWed-46 AKWed-47 AKWed-25 AKWed-26 AKWed-49 AKWed-50 AKWed-52 AKWed-53 AKWed-55 AKWed-57 AKWed-58 AKWed-59 AKWed-60 AKWed-61 AKWed-62 AKWed-63 AKWed-66 AKWed-67 AKWed-68 AKWed-69 AKWed-70 AKWed-71 AKWed-72 AKWed-73 AKWed-74 AKWed-75 AKWed-76 AKWed-77 AKWed-78 AKWed-79 AKWed-80 AKWed-81 AKWed-82 AKWed-83 AKWed-84 AKWed-85 AKWed-86 AKWed-87 AKWed-89 AKWed-91 AKWed-92 AKWed-93 AKWed-94 AKWed-95 AKWed-96 AKWed-97 AKWed-98 AKWed-100 AKWed-102 AKWed-103 AKWed-104 AKWed-105 AKWed-107 AKWed-108 AKWed-109

Nick English - A superb set of images! I especially like your Black and Whites, really great processing!
Lovely set

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