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    Coming from small-town Ontario and being old-school in every sense of the word, I enjoy things in life that have true lasting power; pyrex, canning, traditions and, of course, the perfect shot!

    My specialty is Lifestyle Photography …..Weddings, Maternity and Newborns; all the real tear-jerker stuff! Being a lover of all things sentimental, I understand the true importance of capturing those magic moments that make life extraordinary. Extensively trained in newborn posing, safety and natural lighting, I take the well being of your little one (whether it be in the form of a bump, or the baby that’s already made its arrival) with as much care as I would my very own; creating timeless images that capture those fleeting, adorable moments forever.

    I want to create an experience for you that is really enjoyable, and that makes you feel comfortable being in front of the camera. I want to take pictures of you being you! Pictures that you will look back on and remember, not only for the faces and love, but for the fun we had taking them too! I, myself, am a sensitive, romantic soul who has married the man of her dreams. Together we have created three little angels of our own. Living and Loving through our crazy life is an amazing adventure that I am so happy to be a part of. Life passes us by so quickly, it’s important that from time to time we stop to smell the roses and take the poses.

Becker Family (chatham-kent family photographer)

There is nothing i love more then seeing family again and again over the years watching little families grown bigger , little people grow taller! Twice in one year though! a double blessing. You may remember these happy faces from their fall family session (here) and i was more the thrilled to see these adorable little scamps again with some extra family smiles in tow all the way for England over the holidays! Isn’t Grandpa so adorable with his boys! after being outnumbered by girls all this time he must be over the moon with these rough and tumbles!

8Family_family 21Family_family 29Family_nature 44Family_family 49Family_family 54Family_Nature 76Family_family IMG_8578_family IMG_8638_family IMG_8672_family IMG_8723_family 9Family_family

Brown Family (chatham-kent ontario family photographer)

The Brown Family! I adore them.. my doula, my weight-loss support, baseball team-mate, cherished friends that we truly love to be with, a lot of the things that have happened in the last few years would have been much more difficult and WAY less fun without this lady around me.., and their kiddos arent half bad either.  We wandered a private estate this fall for this session, well chased miss Bowynn to be excact!

“Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.” ~ unknown

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OSPfamily-287 Brown-3 Brown-1 OSPfamily-14 OSPfamily-15

Baby Oliver 18 days (chatham-kent newborn photographer)

Soo i did a little experiment. I photographed little oliver when he was 7 days old (see that post Here) and he was pretty dreamy to work with. I had been doing (like always) alot of newborn photography research , online seminars and workshops and they had all said that about 16 days old was the ideal time to photograph a newborn, so i put this to the test.. and lets just say.. NO lol  Maybe every baby is different and little Olly here wasnt having it lol.. He was wide awake and couldnt care less what we were hoping would occur (dreamy sleepy posy baby haha) he was there for the party and wasnt sleeping a wink.. well maybe a wink but thats about it.. We still managed to get a few cute shots of him in our little test shoot.


IMG_5693_0406_NEWBORN IMG_5717_0430_NEWBORN IMG_5741_0454bw_NEWBORN IMG_5745_0458_NEWBORN IMG_5763_0474_NEWBORN IMG_5784_0495bw_NEWBORN