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    Coming from small-town Ontario and being old-school in every sense of the word, I enjoy things in life that have true lasting power; pyrex, canning, traditions and, of course, the perfect shot!

    My specialty is Lifestyle Photography …..Weddings, Maternity and Newborns; all the real tear-jerker stuff! Being a lover of all things sentimental, I understand the true importance of capturing those magic moments that make life extraordinary. Extensively trained in newborn posing, safety and natural lighting, I take the well being of your little one (whether it be in the form of a bump, or the baby that’s already made its arrival) with as much care as I would my very own; creating timeless images that capture those fleeting, adorable moments forever.

    I want to create an experience for you that is really enjoyable, and that makes you feel comfortable being in front of the camera. I want to take pictures of you being you! Pictures that you will look back on and remember, not only for the faces and love, but for the fun we had taking them too! I, myself, am a sensitive, romantic soul who has married the man of her dreams. Together we have created three little angels of our own. Living and Loving through our crazy life is an amazing adventure that I am so happy to be a part of. Life passes us by so quickly, it’s important that from time to time we stop to smell the roses and take the poses.

OSP Goes Indy (Bellies to Babies workshop)

In September I headed to Indianapolis for a Bellies and Babies workshop with Briony Hope Photography and Jessica Vaughn Photography in September in Indianapolis. I was excited and nervous.. more so for the drive .. since I’ve never even driven in Toronto alone haha but we made it! and I’m proud to say I survived! Im so thankful that i stalked my new mentor for a year via Facebook (I’m not that creepy i wasn’t peeping in her windows or anything ..) but either way I’m glad i found her because she’s awesome and she has become a friend and thats even better! I was immediately at ease with these ladies they were very kind and made me feel at home. A great mentor is hard to find! But i found two.. they took their time and didn’t rush through anything that I felt was important even the smallest questions. Briony’s attention to detail in her posing techniques making moms feel at ease and beautiful was inspiring. Both ladies have been an amazing support after the workshop. From pats on the back and way to goes. To helpful answers to tricky questions. I am very thankful for these ladies help in finding my true love in photography babies and bellies! Just meeting them was worth the trip! Im so pumped to start booking maternity, newborn and lifestyle sessions! Im so excited that i even went back to Indy a few weeks ago for another workshop! .. more on that soon!.. I thank you Jessica , Briony, and Amanda a thousand times over for helping me and inspiring me and putting up with my silly questions and most of all your support in making photographers like me achieve there goals! You ROCK.. That is all!

IMG_4545 Newborn Photography IMG_4550-1 IMG_4551


My new Pal Amanda made me this awesome collage from the workshop! xoxo thanks! you can see her below modelling a great maternity pose lol check out her website! she’s awesome!

maternity newborn training


April Colby - Love it! <3

OSP back to INDY! Newborn Posing and Lifestlye Workshop number 2 (chatham-kent newborn and lifestyle photographer) » Open Shutter Photography - […] it so much the first time I headed back to Indianapolis to hang out with Jessica Vaughn again!  Check out this post from the first go around. This time I learned more about Lifestyle photography, as well as more […]

Kelsey Loves Andrew (chatham-kent, london ontario wedding photographer)


First of all i apologize for the length of this blog post its gonna be for days i tell ya because there is just so much i want to share from this amazing day, because i love these amazing people!  I was honoured and super pumped when my cousin asked me to photograph her wedding! (and super nervous too)  These two are so adorable and have been together forever and deserved the best day and it turned out pretty amazing..  xoxo love you guys!

Fall Wedding

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Nick English - A superb set of images! I especially like your Black and Whites, really great processing!
Lovely set

Christmas Minis (Chatham-kent ontario family photographer)

Christmas minis this year were CCCHHIIIIILLLLY! My O MY i am so grateful for everyone that braved the elements and made it out for their sessions in the fridgid cold and snow..  The Setting however was warm and cozy and i even managed to bring everyone hot cocoa and actually kept it hot 🙂  I was able to arrange special permission to use a local christmas tree farm as our location this year.  It was a beautiful place! If you need a christmas tree next year and a fun day for the family visit WM Sloans outside Bothwell!  I even took a few photos for them which are featured on their website.

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Contest Winner Lifestyle Session (Chatham-Kent,London,Ontario,Lifestyle,Photographer)

A few months ago i launched this amazing newborn journey for REALZ  like the big time! lol,  with a big jump into what i’ve wanted to focus on for a fefw years. I held a contest  <<<<< Over on my facebook page and this lovely family was the winner of a lifestyle session. After being drawn for sharing and having a someone enter they were lucky lucky via random.org. The ladies were full of sweet and sugar and the boys full of rough and rowdy .. as it should be! Ok Ok the boys were sweet too 🙂


OSPLifestylecontest-24 OSPLifestylecontest-23 OSPLifestylecontest-22 OSPLifestylecontest-21 OSPLifestylecontest-20 OSPLifestylecontest-19 OSPLifestylecontest-18 OSPLifestylecontest-17 OSPLifestylecontest-16 OSPLifestylecontest-15 OSPLifestylecontest-13 OSPLifestylecontest-12 OSPLifestylecontest-11 OSPLifestylecontest-10 OSPLifestylecontest-9

Willow & Family (Chatham-kent London ontario family lifestlye photographer)

These guys are awesome, welcomed me into there home just before the holidays and a cold blustery day and showed off there hipness.. is that a word? If not it should be. They are warm, kind, happy people and I think it shines through in there photos!  Willow was a serious little sweet pea but she sure is stinkin adroable smiles or no! We tried everything short or standing on our heads but try as we may she was not buying what we were selling 🙂 Feel the LOVE!


OSPlifestyle-9 OSPlifestyle-14 OSPlifestyle-13 OSPlifestyle-12 OSPlifestyle-11 OSPlifestyle-10 OSPlifestyle-4 OSPlifestyle-6 OSPlifestyle-7 OSPlifestyle-8

OSPlifestyle-5 OSPlifestyle-3 OSPlifestyle-2