Rachel Vanoven E-Workshop Review

SOOOOO where do I start…. First off Rachel Vanoven is like my celebrity crush of the newborn photography world.. The Gerard to my Butler if you will.. For those of you who know me and my high regard for that fella, it’s a pretty awesome compliment . LOL


Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 10.08.30 PM


SEE!! Even Gerry agrees that Rachel is awesome!

Other things I love.. NEWBORNS. You all know that too! When I started down this road, I started taking in person workshops training in newborn safety and posing hoping to become amazing! There was so much to learn and I felt incredibly overwhelmed by information. At some points I felt like I didn’t even remember anything I was being taught. I began to feel discouraged. Something I wanted so badly (to become an amazing newborn photographer baby whisperer extraordinaire) was within reach, but something was missing for me. I was working so hard (still do everyday!) Always something new to learn. I was so excited and hopeful for the future but also so nervous and flustered trying to perfect poses and techniques.  Once I started developing my own style I was drawn to certain newborn photographers Rachel being one of them. I was quickly excited to hear that she offered a Newborn E-Workshop! An amazing guide with instructions and video! VIDEO! Just what I needed!  This discovery taught me a lot about newborn, I could review and revisit all the videos and instructional material to refresh my memory and help me absorb all the information, to pickup the little bits and pieces that hadn’t seemed to wiggle into my memory the first time around…. or the third lol…  It also taught me a lot about myself, and how I learn.  I needed those darn videos all along. They were a game changer.  I also purchased her Family e-workshop (same idea instructional literature and videos, editing tutorials)! Rachel is the mastermind behind the infamous high five game that I bust out every now and then at my family sessions.  She taught me to try and relax at family sessions and to be myself and have fun with all the kids that I get the pleasure of photographing. When children are having fun and laughing we can see who they truly are and who doesn’t want a picture to capture who your child is, shining from the inside out! 🙂  There is also an amazing group of continued support online from Rachel herself and a talented group of other photographers just like you, in the form of a private Facebook group.

A little before and after to prove my point and just how amazing these E-Workshop are check them out here!


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