Sweet Baby Molly (Chatham-Kent Ontario’s premier newborn photographer)

Sweet Little Molly! All 5 + pounds of her! She was so sweet to us! This session included one of my favourite Mom baby shots to date! Check out the little praying hands image below.  Her mom is pretty sweet too!  She is one of my two lovely newborn session assistants!  Safety first!!!  ALWAYS.

Mom and Baby shots are some of my very most favourite images to photograph.  All to often us moms get lost in the background! We forget to take a photo with the kids at the zoo, because we are so busy capturing their smiling faces.  I find photographer or scrapbooker moms are super guilty of this, as they are just so excited to get the shots of the kids they forget about themselves.  Well, please don’t forget! And get in front of that camera ladies!!   When Mom’s come to the studio, over and over I am quietly told that they would like to pass on photos of themselves with the new baby…. WHAT?!  I always, ALWAYS, try to persuade them to give it a go! When talking to moms that have passed on photos with their little ones in past, I was told…. “I didn’t do them, I didn’t feel comfortable getting my photo taken after I had my baby” there was an overwhelming sense that these moms really wished they had taken that leap and had some pictures with their tiny babies. No matter if not another soul ever see’s these special photos… YOU and your family will cherish them forever.  No matter how you feel or think you look after birth (you’re gorgeous by the way) or how tired you are, getting photos with your new precious little one is never a bad idea.  The love you feel for your baby, the excitement and emotion of it all transfers so beautifully to the image.  When you step infront of the camera just feel that love. Don’t be nervous or worried about how you look I promise you wont regret it.

That sweet little baby will only fit in the palm of your hands for a short short time! Embrace it, and try not to worry about getting pooped on! 😉

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Lacey Eggert - These are absolutely gorgeous! You are so right… I passed on photos during my first daughters newborn session and I would do anything to go back to that day to have those memories of her and I.

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